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Established 10 years
Unit 7 Torc MK
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BZ

Tel: 0845 601 6431
Fax: 0845 601 6432
Email: info.currencytech@gi-de.com


Currency Tech are able to offer secure cash handling solutions to all aspects of Retail, from the corner shop or forecourt shop in convenience retailing to the large department store.

Cash is still king when it comes to payment technologies. Most retailers still have to spend a lot of time-consuming activities from acceptance, checking for forgeries, change provision and float supply to sorting, counting and reconciliation before daily banking, in an attempt to keep their cash flowing.

At a time when store robberies and internal shrinkage is on the increase, Currency Tech is able to offer efficient ways to secure your cash in-store while at the same time reducing your associated cash handling costs. Focus is brought on the number of times cash has to be handled, as a prime factor in reducing costs and shrinkage. Currency Tech are able to advice on best practises for such processes. Product offering ranges from simple note checking devices and count-by weight machines for both notes and coins through to integrated note acceptance devices with secure storage. Currency Tech are even able to offer cash re-cycling devices for back office operation to uniquely reduce costs associated with transporting and banking cash.

Currency Tech in-store cash reconciliation software also allows for an easy audit and banking preparation.

A Selection of our Products

ProNote 200 Note Counter

Banknote value counter CTL ProNote 200 is a value balancing banknote counter using advanced counterfeit currency detection techniques to value and authenticate a deposit of mixed denomination banknote  ...Read More

Classic CounterCache

Point of Sale Security  Ever had your till snatched or suffered from internal shrinkage? Secure drop box at point of sale to secure your takings. Product features: Increases POS securi  ...Read More

Intelligent CounterCache

CounterCache Intelligent® Secure Point of Sale Money Safe Intelligent CounterCache CCi® is a solution for high cash volume retailers.   CCi provides data capture and secure  ...Read More


The CTL VERI SAFE Versa is an intelligent safe for use mainly in a Retail environment. Installed within a retail premises, either at the front or in the back office,  CTL VERI SAFE Versa allows banknotes   ...Read More

CTL SCM system

CTL-SCM is a customer facing payment method that relieves the cashier from all handling of cash. Connection to the POS software system shows the customer the amount to pay. The CTL-SCM then accepts the paym  ...Read More

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