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Established 10 years
Unit 7 Torc MK
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BZ

Tel: 0845 601 6431
Fax: 0845 601 6432
Email: info.currencytech@gi-de.com

POS Cash Recycling

GD PayPod payment terminals

Retail assisted self-service GD PayPod is an automated cash payment solution that allows the retailer to interact with customers as normal without the need to handle cash during a transaction as it ca  ...Read More

CTL SCM system

CTL-SCM is a customer facing payment method that relieves the cashier from all handling of cash. Connection to the POS software system shows the customer the amount to pay. The CTL-SCM then accepts the paym  ...Read More


CTL SCM-S is a compact cash recycler for the POS or checkout area in small retail premises, especially within the food industry (Bakery, Fast Food, Cafe  etc) where it is then no longer necessary for  ...Read More


CTL SCM-C is a POS cash recycling system for both notes and coins that can be integrated into any existing checkout furniture or encapsulated as a stand alone design. Designed for any retail environment, CTL S  ...Read More

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