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CounterCache Intelligent

Countercache intelligent
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CounterCache Intelligent

CounterCache Intelligent®

Secure Point of Sale Money Safe

Intelligent CounterCache CCi® is a solution for high cash volume retailers.

CCi provides data capture and secure storage at the Point Of Sale.

CCi is mounted beneath the till for “out of sight” secure storage.

Notes are instantly counted and time-stamped.

Transactions and operator events are automatically recorded giving full accountability and complete audit trail. CCi can be networked, integrated with your point of sale equipment or accessed via a portable hand held device.

 A tamper evident pouch system is used to transport the cash from the CCi unit, to the back office, storage into a safe, collection by a CIT company and eventual reconciliation in a cash centre. This means the cash is never touched again by a member of staff, hence reducing cash handling costs and reducing risk and shrinkage.

CCi captures every cash transaction and provides both live and historical data with a full audit trail of all activities.

 • Detects all known forgeries.

• Increases point of sale security.

• Reduces till snatches, internal shrinkage and till skims.

• Streamline cash processes from beginning to end.

• Notes are instantly counted and audited, giving full accountability along with complete audit trail.

• CCi is fully configurable allowing it to be integrated easily into any retail cash flow process.

• Smart scheduling

This is the ideal solution to point of sale secure storage, as notes are inserted into the CounterCache Intelligent they are instantly counted and added to the total and time-stamped for added security, all events can be audited for full accountability. This 3 in 1 solution is perfect if your needs include Secure drop box storage with money counting ability and fake banknote detection.


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