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CTL 301d

CTL 301d Rail Coin Sorter
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Rail bulk coin sorter with printer and trolley
Digital coin detection
CTL 301d

The CTL301d is a rail coin sorter with extended large belt fed input hopper. It is designed to accept the feed of coins from a coin lift. The 8 UK coin denominations roll down a rail and are deflected off into the various output pockets, by coin diameter. The CTL301d operates at 600 pcs/min and utilises INSIGHT, a 4th generation electromagnetic coin detection system,  for off sorting counterfeit and foreign coins. It has a keypad to enter deposit and operator ID for any data file transfer or printout. It has an in-built thermal printer.  Output is to  bagging devices for attachment of large cloth coin bags. The CTL301d is mounted on a trolley for extra stability. 2 levels of Batch stops per denomination can be pre-programmed.  End of Day incomplete batch totals still in machine are also known and printed.

The CTL301d is prepared for the new 5p & 10p coins.

The CTL301d has a 1 year warranty.



  • Counts and sorts all UK coin
  • Large motorised hopper for high coin volumes
  • Large and small batch settings
  • In-built printer
  • New INSIGHT 4th generation DIGITAL coin sensor technology
  • Rejects all foreign and counterfeit coins

The CTL301d just like the CTL301c has a purposely-designed large coin belt designed enable you to bulk coin sort. The machine also features the ability to remove foreign currency and sort counterfeit coins into a separate area. With a coin sorting speed of 600pcs/min, cashing up and coin sorting at the end of the day will be quicker than ever. The onbuilt thermal printer allows you to receive a printed out amount. 


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