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CTL GD 8001 Coin Roll Lift

8001 coin roll lift
horizontal conveyor
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CTL GD 8001 Coin Roll Lift

Coin Roll Lift

The CTL GD 8001 collects coin rolls from the output of a Coin Wrapper and elevates them up onto a packaging table for further processing. Capable of handling up to 150 coin roll per minute, the CTL8001 can elevate the coin roll output from up to 3 coin wrappers.

Interfced to the coin wrapper and operated by a footswitch, the CTL GD 8001 can be installed onto a table of min. 720mm height.

This is the perfect accomnishment to your coin wrapper to reduce the need of constant bending, and makes coin wrapping an easier job for all.

Coin Roll Lift



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