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Coin Packaging

CTL ProPack

GD ProPack is a very compact coin sachet system that can package UK coin at up to 30 sachets per min. Requiring only a single phase power supply and not requiring compressed air, the GD ProPack on it  ...Read More

Laurel LAC17 Coin Wrapping Machine

Coin Wrapper Heavy duty coin wrapping machine for the continual production of coin rolls for upto 24 hours per day. Coin rolls allow easy distribution of cash change in tamper evide  ...Read More

C31 cash centre coin transportation

The CTL GD C31 is a smart coin container system that can be transported around a cash centre with a manual trolley system. The C31 coin containers can be adapted to receive coin directly from a coin sorter and  ...Read More

Coin wrapping paper

Currency Tech are able to offer 2 basic types of coin wrapping paper. RP is manufactured from recycled paper pulp and NP from new wood pulp. Of 70 and/or 80 g/m2 weights, various colours and print designs are   ...Read More

CTL GD 208

The CTL GD 208 loose coin lift  is ideal for any bullion line for feeding loose coins into either coin sorters or packaging solutions. It has a variable belt speed and a sensor to stop the belt when the t  ...Read More

CTL GD 208VB3 loose coin distribution conveyor

The CTL GD 208VB and CTL GD 208VB3 distribution conveyors are part of the general CTL GD208 loose coin lift and distribution system. CTL GD 208VB can distrubute loose coins to 2 coin wrappers or sachet systems  ...Read More

Coin sachet system

  The CTL CSS2 "Airless" Coinpak has been specifically designed for the packing of bullion (coins) in packing areas that have restricted headroom .   CTL CSS2 is based upon a vertical form  ...Read More

8001 coin roll lift

Coin Roll Lift The CTL GD 8001 collects coin rolls from the output of a Coin Wrapper and elevates them up onto a packaging table for further processing. Capable of handling up to 150 coin roll per   ...Read More

CTL GD 8005

The CTL GD 8005 is a semi-automatic coin roll packaging system. Consisting of a collection conveyor  for a coin wrapper output and a coin roll lift, the CTL GD  8005 allows coin rolls to be  con  ...Read More


The free-standing CTL  GD 88 vacuum packaging system  is an ideal solution for vacuum packing banknotes or  coin rolls . This provides a tamper evident transport  and storage solution. T  ...Read More

CTL GD 8611coin roll packaging system

The CTL GD 8611 is a semiautomatic coin roll packaging system. The coin rolls are packed in two rows of five pieces into shrink film bags.  The high packaging capacity of about 60 rolls per minute  ...Read More

CTL GD 8010

The CTL GD 8010 offers a highly efficient solution to pack coin rolls into handy shrink film packages.  Easy and efficient handling of the film: o CTL GD 8010 uses only one roll of single layer film  ...Read More

Coin sachet bullion line packaging system

CTL GD BPLS is a modular system for the fully automatic separation and sacheting of coin with conveyor transport to a bulk palletising system CTL GD BPLS  is of a modular design comprising the followin  ...Read More

Coin sachet packaging film

CTL GD are able to offer packaging film for automated coin packaging systems for single or bulk coin sachet systems.   CPF 246 is a special VFFS  3 layered co-ex structured film for single sach  ...Read More

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