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ProNote 1

ProNote 1
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CIS based single pocket banknote counter
ProNote 1

The ProNote 1 is an image based (CIS) single pocket banknote counter with high level counterfeit detection.

•It’s able to check and count mixed banknotes.
•It has a maximum speed of up to 1.500 notes per minute.
•It can handle multiple currencies
•It has a coloured TFT-Touchscreen and an easy menu navigation
•It’s latest technology enables quick and easy updates for any currency.
The ProNote 1 has a high level authentication detection capability:

Validation of several security features

•Double CIS image sensor (IR)
•UV validation of UV security features
•IR infrared test
•MG validation of magnetic security features
•ST security thread detection
•3D detection of length, width and thickness
•EuroMag® magnetic thread code reading

CIS banknote counter

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