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Note Counting Machines

Which One is Right For My Business?


 The world of note counting machines can seem a bit of a jungle at first.


Most businesses handling moderate to large amounts of cash will not need much persuading that note counting machines are of huge value in both accuracy of money counting and time saving and thererby money saving! The more complicated part is deciding which type and model of machine is the right one for your business.


Most machines these days have some method of counterfeit bank-note detection built in from note size variation detection, uv light detection methods, reflected signal detection comparing all notes to the first in the batch or even more high tech and sophisticated methods. The level you feel your business will require will depend on your experience of fraudulent currency within the busioness to date, the nature of the business and your customers and the volume of cash that passes through your business.


With regard to the counting facility, speed is obviously a significant factor and may govern your choice of machine. Speeds can range from approximately 600 to 1800 notes per minute -a whopping 30 notes a second for the Laurel J711 !


Some machines simply count the number of notes, some can count the notes and take account of their value thereby giving a total value, some can give a total of value of each note eg £5 notes=£575, £10 notes =£1400. Again the value you put on these different functions will depend on the operation of your cash office and how the machine will compliment your systems.





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