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An overview of the ProNote range

September 2013: ProNote are a range of premium banknote counting machines designed to quickly and accurately count UK and European banknotes. 

The entire range of ProNote products count notes at incredible speeds, up to 1,500 bank notes per minute.

The ProNote range are perfect for any environment where large quantities of UK or Euro banknotes need to be counted quickly and effectively.

There are three variations of the ProNote money counting machine, ranging from the entry level ProNote 100; which can quickly count banknotes to the more advanced ProNote 120 that also offers high level security authentication of GBP and Euro currency. The even more advanced ProNote 200 offers the ability to count mixed denomination bank notes simultaneously.

ProNote 100

The CTL ProNote 100 is a single denomination piece counter (meaning it can quickly count one denomination of currency at a time.) The ProNote 100 allows businesses to quickly and efficiently count up to 1,500 banknotes in a single minute.

The ProNote is a practical and study machine, with a 9 digit LCD display. About the size of an A4 sheet of paper (287 x 243 x 248mm), the ProNote takes up less space than a standard office printer.

ProNote 120

The ProNote 120 has all the single denomination note counting functionality of the 100 model, but also includes high level UV, IR, TD and Magnetics counterfeit detection. 

The new AutoMag feature assesses the magnetic signal strength of the first note and compares this to all of the following notes - applicable to any currency.

ProNote 200

The ProNote 200 has various counting modes, allowing it to detect and value mixed denomination banknotes at once. The ProNote 200 also features UV, IR, MG, ST, EuroMag, 3D and Color security features and is the same compact size as the other ProNote machines.

See our product PDF's for more information about the ProNote range.

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