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Established 10 years
Unit 7 Torc MK
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BZ

Tel: 0845 601 6431
Fax: 0845 601 6432
Email: info.currencytech@gi-de.com

Latest News

August 2011 CTL 300 in export   Currency Tech are proud to announce the succes in selling 20 units of CTL300 coin sorters to Israel. The CTL 300 was designed by Currency Tech for the UK market but its success has now opened up other opportunities in other countries. Israel is a demanding market,requiring only coin sorters with very advanced coin detection systems that are able to outsort all of the known counterfeits, which are a constant threat as a destabilising ....

June 2011 Barclays acquire further Laurel K2 desktop fitness sorters   Currency Tech have further increased their leadership position in the Commercial Bank market for the in-branch re-cycling of banknotes for ATM dispensing. The succesfull rollout with our partners Wincor-Nixdorf last year of the K2 into Barclays branches has been followed up with another rollout in August 2011 of further units. The K2 remains the unit of choice due to its small footprint, mobility and r ....

September 2011 Vaultex acquire new KEC1A counting heads   We are delighted to announce that Vaultex have received some new KEC1A hevy duty coin counters to be used as counting heads on their coin sachet machines. Looking for a relaible unit, Mr Lee Fishwick of Vaultex cash centres, stated that the KEC1A ideally suits the requirement for a counting head that will have to function up to 12 hours per day, processing and packaging literally tons of coins. The new ....

September 2011 Natural History Museum buy a Laurel Coin Wrapper   The Natural History Museum is one of London's leading attractions with over 4.5 million annual visitors. This in itself demands a very efficient cash handling operation for the revenue generated from all areas of the museum. To facilitate an efficent method of packaging, handling, transporting and securing the coins as they move around the museum, they have recently purchased a new Laurel LAC16 coin wrapp ....

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