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Established 10 years
Unit 7 Torc MK
Chippenham Drive
Milton Keynes
MK10 0BZ

Tel: 0845 601 6431
Fax: 0845 601 6432
Email: info.currencytech@gi-de.com

Latest News

September 2018- G+D Currency Technology have installed the first GD PayPod™ system into Bothams Bakery in Whitby , North Yorkshire. As a leading traditional bakery, Bothams are keen to maintain their 5 star food standards rating by testing the GD PayPod™ technology in their Enterprise Way, Whitby retail outlet. PayPod™ will also simplify their cash handling duties, enabling more time to be spent on customer interaction.  Call us now for more details

  July 2018- G+D Currency Technology will market the GD PayPod™ retail POS payment terminal in the UK. Utilising the years of experience gained with our SCM range of products, GD PayPod™ offers a unique advantage in being able to be interfaced easily to any Windows™ based POS system via the POSLinq™ interface software. Allowing staff to interact with customers in the normal way but removing the need for shop staff to handle  products as well as cash, GD Pa ....

June 2018- G+D Currency Technology can announce the successful completion of a major roll-out of over 250 units of the ProNote 1 to a major high street organisation into their main branches. Completed in June 2108, this development cements even further the leading position of G+D in the UK banknote counter market. Call us for further details of the ProNote 1

May 2018- G+D Currency Technology have added a new single pocket banknote counter based upon Contact Image Sensors ( CIS) to their range. Image based technology with all necessary high level authentication sensors make the ProNote 1 ideal for all applications requiring GBP, all Scottish and all N. Irish banknotes to be handled in processes that only require a single pocket. Call us more for more details.

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