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5 Reasons to Invest in a Coin Counting Machine

There are a number of advantages to investing in a coin counting machine, they will start returning on the initial investment in saved man hours as soon as they start being used.

Below are 5 reasons to invest in a coin counting machine:

1.      Coin Counting Machines are fast

All our coin counting machines work at incredibly high speeds, impossible for a person, however quick, to compete with. On average our coin counting machines can count 200 coins a minute (about £50 in change.)

 2.     Coin Counting Machines are accurate

Currency Tech coin counting machines are highly accurate, even when operating at high speed. 

 3.      Coin Counting Machines are space saving

Many of our coin counting machines are designed to take up only a small amount  of space, and can be   stored away out of sight when not in use.

 4.     Coin Counting Machines can multi-task

Our specialist coin counting machines are able to quickly count and sort pound coins, silver and copper coins and keep a running total as they go. They can also display individual totals for specific denominations.

 5.     Coin Counting Machines don't get bored 

Let's face it: counting change is not an exciting or satisfying task. A human mind can often grow disinterested and start to wander while counting coins. A coin counting machine is only interested in counting coins: nothing else matters!



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